Pinmaster Tournament

All Tournament qualifying will be held in a single area, and played at the scheduled times. Tournament players can sign up and check for details at the main entrance.

Herb style qualifying on five out of nine games games in the tournament.

Game List
Games will be updated as they enter the ring. Current game lineup includes

The top 24 qualifiers of the Wizard of Ohio Tournament will be entered into the final bracket-style playoff. The top 8 players will get a first round bye.This is a PAPA style tournament. Each player may enter as many times as they wish, however, each player is limited to one playoff spot. Each playoff round will be a best three of five game competition .Players will qualify on five of the eight game bank .Tournament time qualifying is from 6 pm to 11 pm Thursday, 11 am to 11pm Friday 11 am to 6 pm, Saturday
The finals will start at  7pm on Saturday

Pinball Machines & Arcade Game
Pinball machines will be selected at a later date, so we can bring in the best and most up-to-date machines possible.

Stuck Balls
If the ball gets stuck in the playing field, it can be pulled and placed in an appropriate area to continue the game. In most cases, the ball check will fix this problem. If a person tilts a machine to free a ball, you will loose that ball, and continue playing until the end of the final ball.

Pinball Malfunctions
In the unlikely event of a pinball malfunction, the player will be given the option to have the problem fixed, or to start the game over on a different machine. Our goal is to bring good working pinball machines, but unexpected problems do occur.

Tilt and Slam Tilt
A standard pinball tilt is expected during a tournament game, you will just simply lose your ball and continue playing the game. A slam tilt is considered abuse of the machine and you will be disqualified from the Tournament.

Entry Fee
Entry Fee for the Wizard of Ohio Tournament is $10 for 4 entrys or 9 for entrys for $20 .

IFPA Certified! Wizard Of Ohio tournament participants earn points in the World Pinball Player Rankings

All players have to be present to receive their prize. Awards for each tournament will be given out shortly after each tournament. The Wizard Of Ohio Tournament is a Four-day event, prizes will be given out on Sunday, once the finals have completed. Price are based on 200 entries in the Tournament.

Wizard Of Ohio
Playoff Finals (The top 24 players will compete in the final as follows Top 8 qualifiers will receive a first-round bye. Best of 7 elimination for the finals.