Free Admission For Bringing A Machine (or more!)

You can get FREE admission to the Ohio Pinball Show by bringing a Pinball Machine or Arcade Game! You'll get a wristband for every day the machine is located at the show. The machine must be in working condition, set to FREE PLAY, and be ready when the show opens for that day.

Machines (Pinball and/or Arcade) MUST be there the entire day to maintain your wrist band validity. All machines will be tagged with a number. If the machine you brought is removed from the game room before the day is over, you will be asked to pay the day pass charge for your wristband. If you are selling or trading machines, please make sure that the purchasing party understands that the machine must stay until end of day.

If you bring a machine, YOU are responsible for making sure the machine stays up and running and securing the machine.

Neither The Ohio Pinball Show nor Emilio's take responsibility for any damages done to your pinball or arcade machine.

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